Princess in Suburbia introduces Weblog from Her Royal Chambers

About the Princess in Suburbia

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Oh, how I wish I could tell you that the movie "Coming to America" was close to reality.... Unfortunately it is not! As an African Princess living in the United States, I spent many years just living down my royal root. But a trip in February 2008, taken at the auction of my father, Prince T.A Ogunleye re-united me with my people.

Not only that, it reminded me of the culture and most importantly it showed me the responsibility which comes with royalty. At this phase of my life, as a Published Author, Speaker, a Mental Health Expert, a Fashion Designer and one who is passionate about giving back to my community, I can’t help but be very grateful for all the wonderful friends I have met through my life journey both in Africa and my second home---United States of America.

I forge ahead at the causes I have been given by the Creator.... which is to use all of my giftings to make a difference around the world. Once I accepted who I was and began walking in that, my life has literally changed for the better.

This weblog is dedicated to all of my children in 3rd world countries... my homeland Africa... all of my friends here int he United States as well as those I am yet to meet. People have stopped me on the road and asked me to tell them more about my life story... so I have decided to essentially bite the bullet and do exactly that. Someone once told me that my life was a "reality show"...Well, I agree, so here we go..... Enjoy and please do come by with your friends... Who knows, you may find some spicy nuggets of wisdom waiting for you....


All my Love,

Fumi Hancock

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