Princess in Suburbia introduces Weblog from Her Royal Chambers

Royal Family's Palace~TODAY

2008 was the very first time I'd seen the newly built Palace since I left hoe for USA over 23 years ago.

It was magnificent and I stood in awe as my parents and I found our place to through the crowd and towards the King... My Tennessean friends enjoying several events there... the Gala hosted by the King to welcome us... the welcome festive events held by the people in the communities... and of course the dinner we ate in the presence of the King. it was awesome. Now used to visiting our palace, the royal family's homestead.

His Royal Majesty Emmanuel Adebayo and Queen Mary

                The New Royal Family Palace ~ Traditional Home of the Royal Family

Entourage and the media welcoming their princess~ moi along with her friends for the US.
     That is me sitting next to King Emmanuel Adebayo. A welcome home gathering at the palace.
           Princess Fumi encouraged to dance alongside one of the Senators from our community

         Welcome celebration at the royal palace - Ms Yolanda Shields dancing with the Queen

Two of my team members, brain Church and Yolanda Shields presenting gifts to the royal family.

All of the wonderful memories  that came back with me to the United States of America. How I miss it all.... Looking forward to returning shortly.

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