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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Big Thank You to All~

Tonight, I choose to thank all of my friends, both online & offline for your support... your love and your care. In particular, those who have taken The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell to the fore-front of Fiction (my fellow authors, bloggers, reviewers). Thank you. Tonight, I also celebrate the milestone achieved by The Princess in Suburbia TV, an online TV Programming I started a while back: because I wanted people to know me intimately. We hit over 1 million viewers today. So humbled by everyone's support. 

In celebration, my Young Adult Fantasy Book... goes on sale for 99c from Midnight 2/20/2013 to till 2/27/2012... One whole week!

I urge you to get your copy, if you haven't.

This is certainly an example of Let's Go Innovate, a Conference Venture my partner, Yolanda Conley Shields and I are excited about... 

Pls check out at: and BE READY FOR OUR CONFERENCE in April, 2013!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

All Work and No Play~ Princess in Suburbia, Fumi Hancock at the Lake House

Your Princess in Suburbia, Fumi Stefanie Hancock, and Co-Host of Let's Go Innovate, Yolanda Conley Shields taping for the next show... Get Ready....

"Some Get Up and Find Ways to Make things Happen. Others Sit down and Wait for things to happen to them. Which one are are U?" 

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Love You All and Thank YOU for YOUR SUPPORT.

Hugs & Kisses:

Fumi Hancock

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Episode 11: A Close UP: Princess in Suburbia Celebrates Her Birthday wit...

Hello Everyone: This is the Princess in Suburbia. She is at it again. Enjoy...

The Princess in Suburbia, Fumi Hancock, Author of The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell: Hydra's Nest does not mix words where her birthday is concerned; when she shares her opinion in an extremely tight & close shot! After few days of celebration with loved ones, she settles in her royal palace to share her feelings about the whole event. She invites you into her private abode for a candid discussion and boldly states, if she is in your backyard, don't shoot the messenger.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Episode 10 ~Emily Hamby, Ms TN Jr Natl Teenager 2012's Awesome Time at P...

The long awaited FULL INTERVIEW with Emily Hamby, Miss TN Jr. National Teenager 2012, Her Mom- Stacey Hamby, Her Publicist- Sherry Parfait at The Princess in SuburbiaTV with host, Fumi Hancock author of the Amazon Teens-Horror Bestseller, The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell and her co-host, Yolanda Conley Shields. Please, do enjoy and thank you for watching.

This week, we discuss the importance of taking back ones' vision, innovating and finding one's path in life. Emily Hamby is a young soul doing just that... accomplishing her goals, one at a time starting with the pageantry. Get inspired by this beautiful young gal and be encouraged as we all share what we are doing to move our vision forward.

Information on the Book discussed:


Today's Honoree is The #1 Blog For Recognizing The Works of Others ~ Honors YA Author Fumi Hancock

AUTHOR'S RESPONSE: Wow! I woke up to this feature. I am indeed honored and I thank you ( Publishers of Todays Honoree) much for this. It is my sincere hope and desire to see our children and their family come out of poverty and hunger. We must not ignore this; for without truly addressing this part.... i.e when we ignore others and not get involved, how can we really measure our success? Again, I thank you for this honor. Princess Fumi Hancock- Author of The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell

And a Big Thank You to 
a "Mel Coleman" for nominating Dr. Fumi Hancock of Adassa Adumori-Foundation

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Episode 8 (Prev. 2) On the Spot w/ Emily Hamby, Ms TN Jr Natl Teenager 2...

Hello Everyone... Here is Episode 8... On the Spot with Emily Hamby, Ns TN Jr National Teenager 2012. Awesome time with her, her mother Stacey Hamby, and her publicist- Ms Sherry Parfait. Stay tuned for the full interview... A Glorious "The Princess in Suburbia" Party.