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The Old Palace

In Loving Memory of My Grandfather~
King Odundun Ogunleye

The Story Behind the Old Palace

Summer 2011 marked a very special time for me. I revisited my Kingdom alongside my friends from Tennessee. It was an awesome time royal father, His Royal Majesty Emmanuel Adebayo. It was also incredible special because the old palace on the compound had been restored by the King. This old drafty palace which I was scared to enter a year prior had become a museum for the royal family.

The King took us into the old palace and began to tell us all stories of how my grandfather deliberated over the affairs of the region at the palace. In fact, we were able to sit through few cases that day and watched as the King and his 63 chiefs deliberated over some cases. It was nothing I'd ever experienced in the US. He also showed us a big stone seated in the middle of the palace.

            The magical stone with the midas touch... whatever you think at the time you are
                             close to it is manifested... if it is either curses or blessings.

               The old throne where my grandfather deliberated over matters of the region

               Current King Emmanuel Adebayo telling the story of the magical rolling stone

                                                             Seats for the King's 63 chiefs!

                                                                     Entrance to the old palace

According to him, generations prior when they migrated to the kingdom brought with them a special type of vegetation called "emumu". They planted that vegetation underneath the stone. Since then, the area has been known to carry some magical powers. As we enter into its presence, we could not think evil of anyone, other wise what ever we thought instantly manifested. To my surprise, the King said that the power exist till today and that if someone was accused of lying, he or she would be taken to the stone at the very easy state and made to swear. Whatever he or she curses herself on, becomes real.

With stories like that, I instantly understood why the King decided to mark the old palace a a museum. Having said that, I share with you some of the pictures we took of the old palace. bear in mind that my friend, the Vice President of AAF attempted to take some pictures in certain sacred areas of the palace and what came out were white spots across the lens. it was incredible to observe at first hand, the presence of the magical powers he had earlier on described.

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