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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Big Thank You to All~

Tonight, I choose to thank all of my friends, both online & offline for your support... your love and your care. In particular, those who have taken The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell to the fore-front of Fiction (my fellow authors, bloggers, reviewers). Thank you. Tonight, I also celebrate the milestone achieved by The Princess in Suburbia TV, an online TV Programming I started a while back: because I wanted people to know me intimately. We hit over 1 million viewers today. So humbled by everyone's support. 

In celebration, my Young Adult Fantasy Book... goes on sale for 99c from Midnight 2/20/2013 to till 2/27/2012... One whole week!

I urge you to get your copy, if you haven't.

This is certainly an example of Let's Go Innovate, a Conference Venture my partner, Yolanda Conley Shields and I are excited about... 

Pls check out at: and BE READY FOR OUR CONFERENCE in April, 2013!

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