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Sunday, June 30, 2013

From Amazon Bestselling Author~Princess Fumi Hancock comes a riveting st...

Words are not enough to thank all my friends, family members, fellow authors, reviewers, bloggers... and all those inbetween...(lol) who have helped nourished my writing career and have taught me what true friendship is and what the power of collaboration can do. Because of you, I am able to fly and soar again as a writer. A genre I never dreamt I could accomplish anything in (Young Adult) ... YOU MADE IT ALL POSSIBLE FOR ME TO STAND TALL! As I reminiscence over it all... I THANK YOU SO MUCH. I AM GRATEFUL.. You may not have heard from me recently but you are all always in my thoughts. It is my prayer for you today that YOU WILL ACHIEVE in all of your endeavors.


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